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EtcetEraThread Which anime character designs have not aged well?
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Excusing Racism and a History of Dismissive Behavior
Neo-America is star shaped, with a giant neon American flag, and it's greatest weapon is the Statue of Liberty Cannon. Neo-Sweden's Gundam is literally Sailor Moon (Sailor V, to be precise, while it's "Super" upgraded form is Super Sailor Moon). The martial artist in the video I linked rips the head off a Gundam using a piece of cloth, catches cantaloupe-sized bullets with his bare hands, crushed a Gundam by flipping the building-sized piece of concrete it was standing on, and causes Michael Bay explosions by merely posing. G Gundam is an exercise in absurdity, and I think trying to seriously argue that it's ridiculous stereotypes are ridiculous stereotypes, is kind of missing the point.