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GamingThread Next-gen PS5 and next Xbox speculation launch thread - MY ANACONDA DON'T WANT NONE
Reason User Banned (permanent): troll account
There's alot of negative console hating Pc elitist which don't like the idea next gen consoles will have insanely fast performance and 7nm Ryzen / Navi Rdna tech with expensive ass custom chipsets including pcie 4.0 X570 based motherboards, and ultra fast pcie 4.0 nvme ssd drive's If the entry level 5700 Navi matches 2070 then what the hell is everyone hating for i mean really just wait for 2020 when they release the Navi 5800 / 5900 series Navi cards which will beat 2080 / 2080ti The only console which might use the 5700 will be xbox Lockhart while Anaconda / ps5 will be using the bigger 5800 / 5900 based chips so yea next consoles will be amazing and that's all i gotta say as Lockhart will outperform 2070 Pc while ps5 will beat 2080 pc while Anaconda will beat 2080ti pc and also console Gpu will be custom made with ray tracing baked and other features which won't be available on pc versions of the 5700 / 5800 as only the Navi 20 based 3800xt / 3900xt will have ray tracing but the consoles will all have those features baked into their custom chips I think that's all pretty damn impressive considering Lockhart will be 399 with ps5 499 and Anaconda 599 Also these systems will use 3700x Cpu 3.6ghz and those are Zen 2 only 8 core cpu with 16 threads so for sure next console will use custom variant of 3700x that's impressive people as these will be very high performance systems which cannot be matched by mid range pc as ye will have to spend at least three times the price at retail to put together pc to match ps5 / Anaconda so i not sure why so many people pretending these aren't gonna be awesome systems I think the people being negative or downplaying the consoles are just trolling all console gamers cause their jealous that peasents will get awesome console machines with amazing graphics and high performance never seen before on consoles until next generation PRICE CONCERNS : To those saying it's impossible for next Gen consoles to be affordable while packing in this insane level tech i wanna clear up your confusion as you're very wrong, and that's because the Truth is Sony & Microsoft pay only around 30 to 40% of what Pc gamers pay at Retail consumer pricing, and so for example 1500 dollars worth of high end Pc parts for a Pc gamer will only cost Sony & Microsoft between 500 to 600 dollars max, and they'll be subsidizing the manufacturing costs next Gen, and selling their consoles at a loss per unit so for example a $599 dollar Xbox Anaconda will have about $1700 dollars worth of Pc performance but cost Microsoft only 700 to manufacture, and so they lose 100 dollars per unit but they've got a console which will have ultra high end Pc performance..... Basically next Gen consoles will cost Pc gamers at least 3X the price to build a Pc to compete They might even sell the next Gen systems at more than a 100 dollar loss per unit as for example Ps3 sold for a 240 dollar loss per console at launch, and Xbox 360 sold for a 134 dollar loss per unit, and so basically it's a sure thing ps5 will have at least 1500 to 1600 dollars worth of ultra high end Pc parts, and Xbox Anaconda will have about 1700 to 1800 dollars worth of ultra high end Pc parts