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GamingThread The Phantom Thieves of Hearts have sent a calling card to Donald Trump
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Dismissive and Antagonistic Commentary
It doesn’t make it acceptable by any means, but I think it clearly comes more from a place of ignorance and lack of understanding rather than deliberate hatred or malice, and while it’s not happening as quickly as any of us would like, I think Atlus is learning. And you can not believe Hashino wanted to add that route all you want, but he literally said they wanted to do it in the original game and just didn’t think it would be accepted at the time - refusing to believe it strikes me as selectively rejecting reality to better suit your own narrative. I certainly won’t blame anyone for being upset or angry at some of the shit in these games (believe me, I fucking get it), but I also think these games have a lot of positive and even progressive messages that many games don’t dare to make either, and I’m pretty damn tired at this point of the armchair psychoanalysis and outright dismissal of anything Hashino does as worthless hateful garbage.