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"[mod edit] this isn't the thread to share your fetishes, thank you!"

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EtcetEraThread 'I would rather starve to death.' Chelsea Manning ordered jailed after refusing to testify before a grand jury
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Hostility and Misrepresenting Arguments Over a Series of Posts; Long and Persistent History of Similar Behavior
What???? Are you talking about Assange?? Where did I even bring him up? Where did I say we should move on? You're the one using their deaths as shields to deflect criticism of US war crimes. It doesn't even make sense. Their deaths and lack of justice exposes deep problems. For example, part of the reason US war crimes are allowed is white supremacy. Brown and black lives don't matter to the US government. Of domestically or abroad. I want justice. You're defending war crimes.