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"We're getting heavily played."

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GamingThread ProJared Allegedly Creeped On, Fished for & Sent Nudes to Fans, including Underaged Fans [UPDATE: NormalBoots disassociates; manipulated fans for sex]
Reason User banned (1 week): concern trolling over series of posts, account in junior phase
From what I understand, Heidi spoke about that days before Jared made his (weird and dumb) statement. She made it public first.Good people can cheat, yes. The problem is Jared seems rotten to the core. Fishing for underaged people photos or trying to groom them is disgusting.I read the post in question and it doesn't really change what I think on the matter. I don't dispute her right to make it public. ProJared is a public person and even without that element, no one has the right to contest hers. I dispute feeling the need to get involved on the cheating matter. She made it public, made other people acknowledge what he was (which is a good thing), that doesn't mean all of those people on Twitter/Facebook should get involved and jump on the case by throwing insult/hot takes and such toward Jared for the cheating. That's unneeded. It's just a matter of education, you don't put your hands in other publics affairs, especially when it comes to relationship. That's life tips 101. That's also about humility, when something like that happen, you need to react as a mature person, not jumping on it with insult/"higher than thou" attitude. You can shit on him all day long for grooming underaged people or fishing for their pictures, because that's something that put under-aged people in danger, people who are highly vulnerable, but shitting on him publicly for cheating on his wife ? Nah, it's their problem and as much as some people on internet don't want to anknowledge it, it happens, even to great people (which Jared isn't, given the other things, of course). About the second part of the post, I still disagree on supporting people getting involved like so many do. You can show Heidi your support, which is a normal and mature thing to do. Now insulting her ex-husband for cheating, shaming him for that, making dumb memes, trying to go full "higher than thou" attitude while everyone has some skulls in their closets... all of that is just disturbing to me. Supporting Heidi is enough in my opinion, no need to go shit on Jared for the cheating part of what he has done. Especially when you can shit on him all day for grooming underaged people or just manipulating his fans to get naked pictures of them.