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GamingThread April 2019 NPD (U.S. Hardware) Predictions - Closes Tuesday, May 14th
Red Text Hey everyone, just a polite reminder: Please do not use this thread or platform as a vehicle to leak proprietary NPD data. This kind of leak has originated from here in the past, and proliferated widely in a way that became quite problematic for everyone involved. We are asking y'all to help deescalate the situation and avoid having such data spread from here. We don't want to ban anyone but that will have to be the next step if things do not calm down. Thank you for your understanding.
ITT, predict for the NPD April 2019 retail period (April 7-May 4, 2019) for U.S. hardware sales.: NPD is one of the main retail tracking firms in the U.S., and also about the only one who specifically goes into detail on video games sales. This thread is to predict what the NPD hardware sales will be for the most recent month. NPD months are defined by the National Retail Federation (find calendar links ).: Bragging rights. We also keep track of predictions over the year and have an annual contest using "points." Still just bragging rights, but have fun seeing how well we can do with it. See for details on the point calculations.Prediction entries must be in and finalized by . Format use is required if you want your entry counted. April 6-May 4, 2019 (4 weeks, ) Thursday, May 16 @ 4 p.m. EST () [NSW] [PS4] [XB1] (repeating to emphasize to use this format) [NSW] [PS4] [XB1] NSW: ~385K PS4: ~255K XB1: ~220K