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GamingThread [PC Gamer] Rocket League is getting review bombed because Epic bought Psyonix; Shows Steam Anti-review Bomb system is working (see staff post)
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Misrepresenting the Concerns of Other Users; Inflammatory False Equivalence
Between seeing the "actually, it's about ethics in gaming journalism!!!" whole façade still allowed here, and the fact that we are still entertaining idiots who would abuse any means possible to just hurl shit at people, I'm honestly utterly disheartened by the state of affairs in communities like this one. If platform warring was always stupid, launcher warring is just grotesque. There also was a time where launchers were not a thing, people, and Steam wasn't an easy pill to swallow for many when it first came along. Just choose your poison. No need to be an utter shit nugget to others because reality doesn't perfectly align with your own personal preferences on fucking gaming. Play games. Have fun. Talk to people. Make your cases in a way that you don't alienate the entire rest of the community. Because if you are singling people out on Twitter or Valve is forced to stick a pop-up on your opinion saying "this is completely irrelevant", you can do better.