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EtcetEraThread Brie Larson hate memes are back and it's really bad
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Homophobic rhetoric.
Never thought I'd see the day where so many men are threatened by women. I just don't get it. We are going to have a population decrease, which will be good for the climate, but for all the wrong reasons. Are incels repressed homosexuals? I just don't understand this. Even gay men like women. I'm just at a real loss here. But repressed homosexuality might breed this disdain for women right? I have no grip on reality with the Incel thing. On one hand, they claim to be men. On the other hand, they're crying little punkasses threatened by women breathing? I just cant understand this. edit: I should not have singled out homosexuality here, I understand is a homophobic thing to say. I apologize for not thinking this through. I'm sorry for writing this. I do have an amazing confusion over incels, I just don't understand how these men hate women so much. But, its better to think things through before vomiting on a keyboard.