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GamingThread Internet celebrity Etika may be losing it again [WARNING: RACIST AND HOMOPHOBIC SLURS] (Update: hospitalized again; see threadmark/staff posts)
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Conspiratorial Rhetoric and a History of Similar Behavior
I'm sorry but I have to ask how we know any of this shit is even real. Everything is coming from his supposed ex GF who IIRC we know is kinda a piece of garbage and supposed friends that all treat this like it's a fucking TMZ blog. And hasn't Etika gone on about this all being some massive troll? I know we have all this cop footage which is the only thing that makes me believe this, but is it at all possible it could somehow be staged? I really do find it hard to believe this guy would be taken away on numerous occasions, assault police officers, look completely unhinged in public several times and on a stream where cops were supposedly also watching, and just keep getting off Scott free. Have to call for some actual receipts here. This entire thing is fishy as fuck to me. Is his ex GF his next of kin? Why would his fucking doctor keep calling her supposedly? Isn't she like a known bullshitter? And clearly going for some kind of fame constantly talking about him and providing "updates"? Same goes for his "friends" too. I call bullshit.