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GamingThread Epic Games has acquired Rocket League developer Psyonix [Up: No Announced Plans to Stop Selling Rocket League on Steam] [Read Staff Post & Threadmark]
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Trolling and Misrepresenting Other Users' Arguments Over Multiple Posts; Hostility and a Long History of Similar Behavior
This Epic drama shit strikes me as so pedantic in that typical "gamer" way. "Oh, no. Fuck you, guys. I'm gonna shit on you and bad mouth you from now on because you made a business move I don't like! Fuck your job security! Now I have to click on a different window now, and my comfy features are gone... and ..and now I have to give money to another faceless publisher? Fuck you! MuH vIdYaGaMe CoNsUmEr RiGhTs!!!1" Anyway, good luck to Psyonix on their future and the future of RL.