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EtcetEraThread Sports Illustrated features Muslim model in Hijab
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Condescending and sexist rhetoric
Sir/madam, desist lol. Women of 99% of the world's Muslim population not being able to choose not to wear it might be a tad exaggerated don't you think? You contradict yourself by excluding the secularised countries which account for a sizeable portion of the Muslim world. I'm from Pakistan (200 m population) and can tell you from first hand experience and can prove it too if you like that in the vast majority of places women are not forced to wear the hijab and women without hijab can be seen in pretty much all major cities. Being expected/advised is far removed from being forced to do something and I don't see how it can be seen as oppression. India has a Muslim population of roughly 180 million. It's not a Muslim country anymore but you did clearly refer to 99% of the Muslim population of the world. Hijab is optional in Indonesia, the worlds largest Muslim population (203m). As a side note, for those that think Islam was spread by the sword, no Muslim army ever went to Indonesia, the place where most Muslims are. Turkey has 80 million population. Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Dubai...and there's probably other examples. We should make sure to consult sheikh google before we generalise 99% of a quarter of the world's population. To be clear, I am not in support of when Muslim women don't wear hijab. I'm just calling you out on this false info. According to the religion they are sinful and there's no two ways about it, but they are our beloved sisters and by no means are they outside the fold of Islam.They should be told in no uncertain terms that they're doing wrong and encouraged with love and compassion to wear the hijab. At the time of the early Muslims there were women that weren't wearing hijab in public and they weren't punished or forced to wear it.