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EtcetEraThread Science professor allegedly taught students to make ecstasy
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Inflammatory generalizations about another country
guess that's a Japanese thing. my ochem professor taught us the basic idea for synthesizing many drugs including LSD and meth. Illicit drugs were the subject of retrosynthesis exercises as well, I'm pretty sure these kinds of problems were standard excercises that could be found in any ochem textbook. probably especially in a textbook made for an undergrad class such as Drugs and Toxins, which I think most schools have the basic outlines of synthesis of countless illicit drugs can be found on Wikipedia, or any university library. Moreover, a motivated chemistry undergrad could work out retrosyntheses for practically any popular (or not) illicit drug, they generally aren't that complicated or uneducated traffickers wouldn't be able to cook them tldr any student advanced enough to be taking a "pharmaceutical science class" would probably have already realized that most illicit drugs are only a hop and a skip away from stuff they have been synthesizing since freshman year mtldr japan is batshit