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GamingThread Tim Sweeney: “If Valve commits to a permanent 88% revenue share, we’ll stop making new exclusive deals” (Read Staff Post)
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Troll account. Numerous severe infractions whilst in junior phase.
Alright, that's fair. No one should ever have to forcibly work 100 hour weeks. That's insane and cruel, however, if they choose to do this then it's on them. I know, there are dev's who work for 80 - 100 hours per week because they fear they will be fired...but is that not their own fault? Instead of speaking up and airing their issues, they resort to begrudgingly doing the work and complaining about it online...I assure you if I was the boss and found out, they would be fired. I want a genuine discussion here, Tim is in the wrong if he created an atmosphere where you feel threatened to work 80+ hour weeks BUT it is also the employees fault for not standing up for him/herself.