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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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GamingThread Despite Struggles in traditional consoles, I can see Microsoft becoming a major force in the overall gaming market.
Reason User Warned: System warring
Edit apparently the first part was being interpreted as warriorish? Fair enough I did not want it to come that way.. I have been hearing this same song and dance routine for many years. MS will dominate gaming.. Sony is doomed etc.. MS will out spend Sony etc.. Not saying it can't happen but come on.. They need to do loads more. At the moment they do not have the legacy of a Nintendo or a PlayStation. They need to do far better outside America and need to be serous about it. Not just services wise but marketing wise. Also how difficult do you think it will be for Sony to offer its services beyond PlayStation consoles? What happens then? MS dominate in that scenario too? Where is the brand power and recognition outside US? How is it suddenly going to get brand recognition? MS consoles go for dirt cheap in parts of Europe and still do not sell? Why? What makes it different this time? There are so many areas that need fixing.. I am not sure how one can conclude things like this. All I know is they will need to put in a lot of transformative work if they have to dominate gaming.