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"Omg everyone hide your baby rape videos before the alt right finds you too!"

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GamingThread Persona 5 The Royal - PV #1 (Third Semester, New Characters & Areas, Pro Support); Oct 31, 2019(JP) and 2020 in the West [PS4 Only] - See Staff Post
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Portbegging and Ignoring Staff Post
Unless something massive changes in my life there is almost zero chance I can play this on PS4. Can I play a 20 hour one? Probably, but it would take forever. 30? Forever. 15? Quite some time. 100? LOL fuck no. Kingdom Hearts was one of my most anticipated games in decades. I've only been able to put in about 15 hours since release and the bulk of those hours came before my new work arrangement. This isn't hyperbole, it's my reality. Have you had a baby in your life? I've seen threads and am a part of groups where a lot of new dads said Switch has single handedly saved their gaming hobby. I'm not an irresponsible parent. I can't cage them up for hours on end so I can be tethered to a television.