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GamingThread World War Z Sold 250K ( out of total 1M ) on Epic Store in launch week
Reason User warned: Attempted thread derailment.
Also, gonna re-post my rant: /rant The lack of playtime tracking, cloud saves and every game in your library on EGS having it's own "page overview" where you see achievements, playtime, news and quick links to everything related to that game is disturbingly terrible and I hate it. Even if I really wanted to buy a game, for example Hades, I could not do it due to the lack of information available for the game. There is just fucking nothing. Launch, install, verify, uninstall, auto-update and version number. I mean, wtf Epic, get your head out of your ass and fix your goddamn basic crap launcher. Even fucking Origin, UPlay and GOG Galxy, which by the way is not even mandatory got all those things. Fucking crap launcher. I need my info and things like "cloud saves" before buyign and playing anything And before anyone goes "well playtime is not that important, I can handle playing games without it" well good for you, I need it. Xbox Games on the Windows Store got cloud saves and playtime tracking (through the Xbox app), so that makes the goddamn Windows 10 Store automatically a better launcher than EGS. /rant over