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EtcetEraThread This fucking incel shit has got to stop.
Reason User banned (permanent): Misogynist troll account
2,000 years ago, they used to burden an innocent animal (often a goat) with the sins of others and then set it loose to fend for itself. It is a human constant, except the target has shifted from animal to fellow people. I stumbled upon this post on Google and it is a prime example of this phenomena. The 17 year old responsible for the Santa Fe shootings was allegedly already dating at the time of the massacre and his attempts to approach this other girl. This other girl rejected him in part because he formerly dated her best friend. There is absolutely 0 evidence linking him with the incel community. Someone mentioned it didn't matter whether he was or was not an incel, because there had been multiple such shootings by people who were incels. I counted just two mass murder incidents over a number of years: Elliot Rodgers (who never called himself an incel or was connected with an online community but posted similar thoughts) and Alek Minassian (a copy cat killer). That is 2 amongst MANY mass murderers who were NOT incels! Recently the FBI and Secret Service done studies on mass shooters, with both finding out they are not the loners they were portryed as by the media (the media mostly ignored these reports and almost completely ignored that it exonerated the killers as being profoundly isolated). The FBI report specifically found 43% were either married, divorced, living in marriage like relationships or widowed. Many more (an uncertain number) had been dating, including one name that frequently comes up in terms of 'incel' mass shooters, George Sodini (who also said he was sexually prolific in his earlier years). Someone mentioned black people are never attributed as incels. Recently there was a black murderer who threw a boy off a balcony in a shopping mall. The story in the media was that he done so because he was rejected by women at that shopping centre. They cited a police officer, I don't believe providing quotations, of that account; that he was frustrated in his attempts to connect with women at the shopping centre, which may well have been paraphrased or rubbish. The only example given involves a situation where he was not attempting to find a mate with two women, but attempting to get those women to buy him a meal. It is not known if he was an involuntary celibate, and furthermore it is not known if he frequented any 'incel' communities. People often cite these communities with supporting these mass murderers. For one thing, journalists are absolute cockroaches and I won't take what any of those shits say about anything without seeing it for myself. Secondly, who's to say these weren't troll posts, the kind that exists on EVERY online community on the web?. The generalizations of this group prove what hypocrites liberals really are. Not everyone thinks the same. There are men who have women who abuse women, rape other women, and murder. Stop thinking you are in a group who is clear of any wrongdoing and shifting the blame all on another easy to scapegoat community, or worse a group of unlucky men who don't share the beliefs of this community.