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GamingThread Insider: "Xbox Anaconda aims to be the clearly better performing device" compared to PS5
Reason User Warned - System Warring
As I said, they have invested before and what did we get? Halo and gears getting diminishing returns, sea of thieves adding to the 'release with no content and spending years adding more' group, crackdown 3 and one truly successful franchise in forza. Is adding more devs a good thing? Of course, but people defending Microsoft with the excuse of 'they are investing in games' are ignoring that this has happened before and in the grand scheme of things nothing has changed since they still have the image of having no great exclusives and sold half as many consoles as last gen and o ly managing that by essentially having their console on sale or bundled heavily for 90% of its life. Again, I'm pleased they are investing more in games but even in the best case scenario they do bring out a tonne of high quality and greatly received games in 4-5 years, can you blame people for not having faith NOW since they would have spent 15 years being known as the company with no great exclusives other than forza?