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GamingThread Japanese devs' obsession with child/child-like characters trope and how problematic it is
Reason User banned (permanent): trolling, defending content that sexualizes minors; account in junior phase
You do know that you don’t have to play these games? If they are al the rage in Japan and perfectly legal there who are you to say that they should be banned or changed. Now if an English port breaks your local laws you are in your rights to take any action you see fit to get it of the shelves but who are you to decide what is appropriate for another culture. If their society has problems it’s for them to work it out. In the mean time don’t buy the ported games. Maybe buy a wholesome western RPG with females in bikini armor that are well above the age of consent. Nothing wrong with that right? Or maybe a shooter or open world game that lets you murder countless people because we are quite comfortable with that. I think as gamers we can agree that shooters don’t turn us into mass murderers. What are the chances that these JRPGs will turn us into child molesters?