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GamingThread Japanese devs' obsession with child/child-like characters trope and how problematic it is
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Whataboutism and disingenuous rhetoric surrounding the sexualization of minors over a series of posts
Yeah, I don't agree with the Futaba example. She's only a year younger than Joker, and she isn't really treated as a kid, just a socially repressed person. I should know, as an autistic individual who related strongly to Futaba's story and attempts to learn how to act more like an adult. Also lol @ westerners in this thread acting like they are so above Japan. Pedophilia is woven deeply into all cultures. Why do you think women are socially mandated to shave their body hair? Or you can look at two of the most famous movie directors ever, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, talk about how Indiana Jones having an underage relationship is so exciting and enticing: