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GamingThread Randy Pitchford explains his support for EGS. (See Staff Post)
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Arguing in bath faith by repeating refuted talking points across multiple topics
I was waiting for someone to make this "they called us pirates" argument. You seem to take that bit personally as a PC gamer yourself, but you wouldn't verify or read on how that comment/story originated. Please find some articles from back in the day and try to get some context on who said what. There were two people who made the note about piracy and one of them was Cliff Blezinski who people on this forum to dismiss and not take seriously. But somehow his words are now the word of God in this matter and describes whole of Epic's stance "Epic called us pirates and then left". As for Epic abandoning PC gaming, may I ask where exactly did they do that? Gears not being on PC was due to Microsoft's involvement. Every other game they made was/has launched on PC...except for the mobile title Infinity Blade. Epic also helped the indie game development and on PC none the less a TON with Unreal Engine 3...back at a time when developers were struggling to even just start production due to technical issues. They also went above and beyond to provide extra featureset for UE3 that one could only benefit from if they had a PC. The engine UE3 i.e. was originally designed simultaneously with Gears of War 1 so much of the engine was centred around making 30FPS games for Xbox 360..this was long before the pirate comment by Cliff btw..this was back when UT2004 was hit shit and people loved Epic. They could've just left it at that but they made the engine suitable for a PC environment as well despite its original design. These stories usually circulate because somewhere someone read something written by someone else who read it off an article with clickbaity paraphrased headline. And somehow they become the accepted truth even when it isn't.