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GamingThread Randy Pitchford explains his support for EGS. (See Staff Post)
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Ignoring staff post, inflammatory false equivalencies, and antagonizing other members over a series of posts
Well no, I personally think it's ridiculous that of all things that you could get riled up about in this industry, it's about the EGS. Competition in the market is a good thing, Valve has droooopppppeeed the ball in terms of making their store front quality, they opened the floodgates to bullshit and they don't currently deserve the monopoly they have (or had). The EGS having exclusive games doesn't mean you have to buy a new PC, you just download a new client. It's annoying, sure, but the out of proportion reaction to the EGS is precisely why nobody treats gaming communities seriously, it's up there with "SJW's ruining Battlefield 3."