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GamingThread PC Gaming Era | April 2019 - Goodbye, Uzzy is your new King
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Hostility towards staff
Funny to see moderators talking about toxicity when they allow so much trolling and misinformation to happen for months now. You didn't put your foot down in the first place so ofc all this shit will get out of hand. And spoiler will only get worse. Anyways.. sad to see JaseC go. Also best thing that can happen to this community is for it to be called SteamEra again and be put in community section of the forum. No one here gives a shit about EGS, Origin or Bnet here. Whatever popular games those clients have already have their own small communities on Era. And there is no reason for this thread to exist in gaming side either. This was always a bad idea and moderators trying to label Steam as not a platform was always laughable. Like anyone can look into the mirror and say services/platforms aren't the most important things about the entertainment industry today. The amount of shilling that goes on for namebrands on this site has reached an all time high. And Steam is a platform that shits on all these other PC services from the highest mountain. It absolutely needs its own community. _________________________ As for PS5 stuff..yea I don't really see why so many are eager to drop 500$ on new hardware especially after the Stadia presentation. I really hope Google lights a fire under both MS and Sony's asses. Enough so that I can play all the Sony and MS exclusives via any browser on any next gen like I did Odyssey on project stream. People can talk all the shit they want about streaming but the tech is legit. And hopefully it forces Sony to invest more money into PSNOW. Stadia having an extra year ahead of the new console launch should hopefully help them. They need to get all the casual mainstream AAA games on there and I think it will be big trouble for Sony/MS. Like 80% of the AAA games this gen were clunky and laggy open world games. And next gen it will be even higher %. These games are all perfect for services like Stadia and Odyssey proved it. So yea I hope next gen I can just spend 200-300$ on streaming games without investing into console hardware. It will be so much more cheaper and much more convenient. And I will have my PC for everything else.