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GamingThread Sony Cracks Down on Sexually Explicit Content in Games (Article States That It Refers to Underage Characters: Check Threadmarks)
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): History of Defending/Dismissing the sexualization of minors.
Most of censorship boils down to emotional arguments. "Disgust" and "Wrong" are often used by the right wing to attempt to ban things, and we've seen this countless times from conservative religious groups, but it's really disappointing to see many in the US left wing succumb to the same emotional argumentation without coherent logical basis in anything. These content guidelines are never explicitly stated, they just make it up as they go depending on how much they need to address potential social media outrage. If some games don't fit their concept of fitting for "young minds", make it M-rated. Why Sony thinks it needs to overrule ratings systems that are already in place is beyond me.