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"Engaging the Doxx9001 as we speak."

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GamingThread Twitch Punishes White Apex Legends Cosplayer Who Painted Her Face Black
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Excusing Blackface
Neat cosplay. I disagree with the reaction of many posters in this thread. It all looked to be in good faith. That seems pretty mean-spirited. I know you're talking to someone else, but I'll say that as a general matter of course that I check myself when posting on resetera now. I have for the past year or so. Certain opinions need to be very carefully expressed whereas others - like one user name-calling another provided the name- hasn't taken anything resembling a position that is frowned upon on certain issues - may have much more latitude in how they're shared. To be clear, this isn't a disparagement of your post (although my first, standalone line does make clear I don't like it), more a concern that if I were to respond in earnest that I may not be granted the same liberty, and that the person you were responding to may feel the same way as I do (even if you were angry, I thought you were asking a question for which I could supply an answer). For what good efforts at dissuading certain types of poor posting do, there is a very real danger to that can quickly balloon out of control.