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EtcetEraThread Trump tweets spliced together video of Ilhan Omar and 9/11
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Rationalizing racist attacks over multiple posts and previous severe infractions
The reality is "Some people did some things" Is a career ending soundbite. Yes, Resetera is 'woke', yes we know the context, but that soundibte is enough to get centrists, lefists, and right wing infuriated. Because believe it or not, that soundbite is damaging. No, you do not become an islamaphobe for criticizing it. No, you are not racist or sexist. That soundbite is enough to end any career. Especially when her allies, Democrats, won't defend her. Especially when it's enough to be taken out of context and to create a damaging video like this. Taking that quote is bad faith. That is understood. Not understanding it? Tell that to the average person. The average person lives and feeds off sound bites. Not everyone is as woke as everyone on resetera. This is disastrous tbh. No, this doesn't mean I'm appeasing the right. It means that I understand what words mean to the lay people. To the people who don't have time to discourse over what words mean. Trumps video is terrible. It paints a target. It's fucked up. But it takes advantage of a soundbite. It takes advantage of the fact that the majority of Americans aren't ear-to-the-ground as resetera is. Not everyone is as smart as we believe we are. Not everyone has time to understand the context of what is said. They see a video, they see what a person says, and that's it. Will they search for deeper context? Alot of times, no. This is levels of "Deplorables" from Clinton, where that soundbite will be taken out of context. This is not islamophobia. This is not racism. This is not sexism. This is reality. Look at how the hardline democrats are not defending her. It would be career and political suicide.' This is all IMO. Of course. But well.. it's a career ending soundbite. This will be used ad hominem for the future. From her political opponents, both dems challenging her seat and republicans. Because, believe it or not, 9/11 is still a sticking point for many americans. Many, many Americans.