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EtcetEraThread A woman on the bus touched my dick
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Consistent history of making inflammatory and inappropriate topics; numerous infractions for trolling
I just got home from bus ten minutes or so ago and uh... The description sounds absurd but let me set it up. I was on back on the bus and on my way home from class, read some shit on ResetEra, going to nap, you know that life we live. When I was asleep I was having...dreams...and I got some belated morning glory. And it happened that today's laundry day so I had to wear pants with a bit of a hole in them by the crotch. My dick started to pop out a bit, and I only realized this cause a woman sitting next to me went "bop" and with one finger tried to push it back in the hole before running off the bus and onto her stop. I just can't.