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GamingThread This whole outrage with the epic store is stupid.
Reason User warned: creating an antagonistic reaction thread
I just do not get it. People are complaining about games being “exclusive” to the store. I don’t get why this is a problem? Anyone can download the store and buy the game there. Anyone can play the game on their pc. This isn’t like ps4 vs Xbox. Also the conspiracy theories surrounding the epic game store are stupid as well. Let’s take the fact that they collect data.Nevermind that all applications do this. Also the epic store isn’t spyware. That was already debunked Source: This user analyzed the data and explained step by step what the epic store was doing, and it’s nothing nefarious. Also people brought up the TOS and how it gives epic 100% ownership over user created content and used that to manufacture outrage. Again, no. This is a video from an actual tech lawyer explaining how the terms of service for the EGS is no different than any other TOS for any other service. The only thing you can say about the EGS is you don’t like the launcher and don’t want to use a separate launcher to launch specific games. That’s fine, but to manufacture outrage over this is just stupid.