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GamingThread Devil May Cry 5’s New Update Has Removed Censorship From a Cutscene On PS4 Version
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Repeatedly dismissing concerns surrounding objectification; previous severe infractions
Your clinging onto my usage of swords as an example when thats not the only form of violence in the game. You also are making the assumption that my post was referring only to Trish. My thread originally showed pictures of a variety of things. So I'm not telling you how to deal with the sexualization of your sex. I am saying that showing a butt crack (of any gender) for 2 seconds and making a thing about it is silly regardless of who you are and regardless of whos crack it is especially in a game with satanic themes.Whataboutism takes into account context. Something is a whataboutism when it ALSO ignores the context of the problematic item. DMC has a very clear theme on demonic/satanic stuff which "occasionally" references certain human organs in conjunction with violence. You're intentionally (or perhaps it just didn't occur to you idk, not gonna assume) ignoring the context and theme of the game.