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"[mod edit] this isn't the thread to share your fetishes, thank you!"

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EtcetEraThread T-series has finally surpassed PDP, making them the new most subscribed channel on YouTube
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***** Dude, can't you just give it a rest? So pewdiepie is a normal guy with moderate, BALANCED political views who, like every other normal person, laughs occasionally at offensive jokes? Every joke is at someone's expense. The Darth Vader joke is "racist" under a very liberal definition of racism, but it certainly is witty, cheeky and relevant to a very real and significant contemporary social issue - and that is what makes it funny. How many jokes have you seen that don't poke fun at someone or offends in some capacity? Have you ever watched a Chris Rock, or any African American comedian, doing a stand-up comedy show? They constantly make fun of not only their own, but also other ethnic groups by pointing out and then exaggerating stereotypes about those groups that are grounded in reality. What do you actually want from Pewdiepie? Do you want him to dedicate his channel to white-guilt ridden rants about straight white male privelege; to promoting open borders, mass immigration, white decline and diversification of Europe; and to complain about the patriarchy and gender paygaps? Come on dude, you are coming across as neurotic. If you don't like him; don't watch his channel. Stop the smear campaign. None of his fans care what you think. His videos are about memes, occasionally laughing at fails compilations and occasionally let's plays. The fact that you and many others see such a moderate person as evil and in need of destruction is more frightening than the monster you try to paint him as. P.S. WTF is wrong with the pic with the pug in the Red Baron Biplane? Are you extending the neurosis to WW1 German iconography as well now?