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"We do not allow our members to make claims or arguments not based on reality"

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EtcetEraThread German DIY chain's 'racist' advert provokes anger in South Korea
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Dismissing Concerns on Racism
This isn't about portraying anyone as sexual deviants, nor does it portray Asian women as craving Caucasian males. So to find this add racist, you not only have to apply a stereotype on the people shown that doesn't exist where this ad was made but you also have to apply meaning to it that isn't evident from the add itself. My point is: A german ad for the german market doesn't have to and, in my opinion, shouldn't be asked to be marketed and made according to social norms and stereotypes that are only known on the other end of the world. This isn't about showing Blackface where some feign ignorance to try to act like it's any less racist in Europe, while it's obviously not. As a german, I have seriously not even once heard of the stereotype of Asians "craving" Caucasian Males or that Asian women tend to be "sexual deviants". I just don't think that this is a thing here. So you'd have to first ask a society with no such negative stereotypes to bring those stereotypes into their societal consciousness only to then try not to apply those stereotypes which originally weren't even a thing. What I can see is making note of the fact that different stereotypes and societal norms exist in the world and being amused at imagining how not OK such a piece of media would be in my country. I do that all the time consuming US media. What I can't see is asking those countries to conform to the societal norms I'm used to, even though those pieces of media have nothing to do with the stereotypes I know, aren't produced for my market and aren't intended for anyone who would adhere to or reinforce these stereotypes.What? No. Of course germany has racist stereotypes about Asian in its culture. But this stereotype, the one being talked about here just doesn't exist here. How can you, as someone who doesn't actually live here and has no real idea about what stereotypes do and don't exist, argue differently? You have no idea if you don't live in germany.