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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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GamingThread GI: [Anno 1800 leaving Steam] might not bode well for the...strength of Steam's marketplace, it most likely is good for everyone else (See Staff Post)
Reason User warned: antagonizing another member
The fuck is this? Itch io barely breaks even every month. Do they handle game updates and diwnloads for 250 million customers? Do they offer hosting services for millions of mods? Do they host chat and voice services for all their games? Have they worked on dx11 wrappers for games to run on linux? Have they implented super low latency network paths to improve multiplayer gaming? Have they implemented controller support for almost every controller under the sun. Including the ability to remap functionality to extreme levels? Or do all of the other positive things steam has done for pc gaming? I recall a time when developers and publishers, including Epic were fleeing pc gaming. Calling it unworthy of their time, calling us all pirates, and embracing consoles as greener pastures, fuck everything pc gamers and the open platform that is pc gaming had done for them in the past. They got theirs so fuck off pc gamers. If it wasnt for steam pc gaming probably would have never recovered. Im convinced a lot of this stupid hot takes are coming from era console gamers on era trolling.