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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

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GamingThread PewDiePie attempts to distance himself from Christchurch Mosque shooter who pledged support (READ THREADMARKS)
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Downplaying Hate Speech
I'm fairly certain Felix has the same political views as Petterson and Shapiro. He's clearly on the right/conservatism side. People got fooled because he's funny, has that cool attitude and all, but he clearly is. I'm shocked people realized this now or need to search on his twitter to see who he does or doesn't follow. Pewdiepie is the embodiement of what an human 4chan would talk and think like. 4chan is funny, hard to recommand, borderline, controversial and clearly on the right side of the political spectrum. Pewdiepie is exactly that. Yes, Pewdiepie is more on the right and conservatism spectrum of political ideas. It's like some people tried to believe otherwise because they wanted him to be left, just so they could feel better at watching his content. Does being a right/consevatist make him a white suprematist ? Nope, not even close. Does being a right/conservatist make him accountable for what a 28 year old deranged adult did in NZ ? Certainly not, even if the killer was making references of Pewdiepie. There are a lot of fucked-up people in the world. You can never be certain a jackass on pills will not do something awful and despicable in your name. When hardcore salafist kill innocents people in Syria or Irak, they do it in the name of Islam or to defend what they - wrongly - think to be muslim values. Should all muslim or the Quran be accountable for all those deaths ? No, certainly not. All those innocent killings by salafists are the awful deeds of crazy and bloodlusted people. When someone deranged scream he's killing innocent people in the name of Pewdiepie or uses his meme or anything, should Pewdiepie be held accountable for it ? Certainly not because there are no double standard to have. It smells a lot like people in this thread just hated him prior this event and just use this event to hate him even more. It's fine, but trying to paint him as a white suprematist because he said the N-word once or because he's inviting Ben Shapiro on his shows is just being dumb and very obtuse. Trying to held him accountable for the NZ killing because some want to believe hard he's a white supermatist is even dumber and pretty transparent. You don't have to find yourself dumb excuses to hate Pewdiepie.