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GamingThread For people who want to boycott THQNordic and Deep Silver, here are the list of games they are publishing
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Trolling and Antagonizing Other Users Across a Series of Posts
The same people in here lamenting over the loss of hundreds of developers losing their jobs are the same people here completely opposing the purchasing of games from developers who had literally absolutely nothing to do with the tragic circumstances that surrounded the publisher. You think the folks in Japan who are developing Shenmue 3 have any relation in the slightest to the single marketing guy at THQ? And now these hardworking devs are to be punished and put their livelihood at jeopardy? You don’t actually give a shit about developers, you never did. Find a better way to voice your displeasure. Playing and enjoying Shenmue 3 does not mean you a right wing terrorist supporter, give me a fucking break.