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GamingThread A Nintendo Direct on Reggie's last day, hosted by Doug Bowser and Reggie Fils-Aime, would be awesome
Reason User Banned (3 days): Creating a troll thread
On April 15th, a Nintendo Direct, hosted by Doug Bowser and Reggie Fils-Aime, would be awesome. Nintendo has always been a very fan servicing company. From the events they host to the Nintendo Direct presentations we all get to enjoy to the one on one openness they give us at venues such as E3...they’re a pretty cool group. I was thinking that with April 15th being Reggie’s last day, could there be a Nintendo Direct planned? Something fun like Doug opening it up and getting ready to announce a new game, but Reggie steps in and says “Hold on, let me kick ass and take last time.” (And I get it, to be a little more family friendly, he might not say “ass”, but you get the picture.) From here we get a cool new reveal and then the show proceeds as it normally would with Doug and other Nintendo folk leading the rest of the way. Throw in one final game at the end where Doug and Shuntaro Furukawa bring Reggie back in, asking if he would like to show off one more game and Reggie says, “No, now the time is yours” and Doug proceeds with said last title/perhaps a small montage of Reggie over the years. What do you all think of a possible Nintendo Direct on April 15th and it going a little bit like how I suggested? Also...wanting it to happen/actual likelihood or two different things of course!