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GamingThread I think I just bought a game from a studio I don’t support, or You don't need to explain minorities simply existing in your story
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Rationalizing Racism; Inflammatory False Equivalence; Account in Junior Phase
Do you realize that Daniel Vavra made first Mafia? And you know what? That game was placed in fictional American city between years 1930 and 1951 and surprise! there were afroamericans. He even worked on Mafia 2 and guess what, there were afroamericans too and even asians. Just wow right? Do you know that this game doesn´t even have Czech voice over, even though it is a historical game about Czech? i can also call this bs and be angry, because why would people in Bohemia spoke English,that doesn´t make sense. But hey they didn´t have money and Czech voice actors sucks and want too much money for it Also you wanna say, that you know more about how Bohemia looked like in 1403 than Czech historians? Especially when you know nothing about my country? Really? This game is not a fantasy genre. It´s a historical game and developers did everything they could to find any trace of minorities in Sazava in 1403. They discussed it with many historians and the result was the same. They didn´t find any record of afroamericans in that time period. Could they have added them? Ofcourse they could, but they wanted to be as much accurate as it can be to the history of my country. I understand that it can be frustrating, but that doesn´t mean that they are trying white wash this game. And just because they decided to prefer historical accuracy over checking boxes to please everyone doesn´t mean that they are racist.