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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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GamingThread Main Female Protagonist Characters having Sex
Reason User banned (1 week): sexism
Let me start by saying who I am so you all might get a view of who the thread starter is before viewing my opinion about female protagonist. I'm 31 years old male and gaming since the age of 5. I'm a muslim born in The Netherlands. I prefer to play Singleplayer games which are story driven. I worked 7 years in a gameshop and still follow all games although I have trouble keeping up these days with Moba's and Battle Royale games. I love playing games no matter what the sex is of a character. I think developers need to seek the best possible situation for when a male or female character can be used. Not make it a male or female character for the sake of it. Everything what developers do when it comes to gender is fine, but when I see that my lady character is getting touched, intended or not intended I feel like ''Hey don't touch her'' or why do they need to be touched? With male characters this is not happening as it doesn't bother me till a degree. An example of when it bothers me is like in Uncharted 2. When Drake is found together with Chloe, while we all know that he has something going on for Elena. Aloy from Horizon is a strong character. When she will find any love in the second game (if we get one) it has to be a well developed character which fits with her character. Male or female doesn't matter aslong as the character she will fall in love suits her strong personality. Sadie Adler not a main protagonist from a recently game is a strong woman. Hoping we might see more woman like her in future games. (Hoping for DLC with her) When Lara had that rape scene (we all discussed that) I had the feeling ''why do they need to do this?''. Gamemagazines mentioned also that the game and movie industry almost always put woman in rape situations before they're getting strong and powerful. Why do we need situations like this? Another example is a scene of the gameplay trailer of Cyberpunk 2077. Although there is no rape here thankfully. Why does our character which is the main protagonist need to have sex with a totally stranger to be(come) a badass character. She already looks cool and strong. If this was a scene with the male character I wouldn't have bothered with it, but also not clapped for the guy. I would have said useless to put it in a game. Something says though it might suit this game to have sex with multiple characters instead of like... ...Mass Effect where the developers search every possible excuse to let their characters have sex with anyone and anything. Before I continue, believe me I have seen lots of nudity as we're exposed to that daily in the media, internet and everywhere else in The Netherlands and I have no problem with that all whatsoever. I'm also not asexual or against any kind of sexual course. Everyone can do what they want, but that's not the subject now. I said I wouldn't be bothered if it was the male character having sex in Cyberpunk 2077, but also not clapped for him. It bothers me though to see Geralt having sex with all the women in the game and including our lady gamers clapping their hands when it comes to him. He is already a powerful male character he doesn't need to be like Kratos... Kratos in the latest God of War with Atreus not included in this debate. Which was storywise superb. I can't think of anything which can substantiate the situation the women characters are put in or I have some issues and am thinking too deep. I will give one last example which makes the characters also more varied. In The Last of Us we all know how Ellie feels towards Riley. They kiss each other in the DLC which I think is suitable for characters. They like each other and it's a kiss, but when Ellie was kissing in the Last of Us: Part 2 trailer it felt awkward. Maybe I saw Ellie as my daughter and now she was kissing some character (which we know not much about yet) who has an ex boyfriend standing there watching them. Ellie is a strong independent woman why does she has to be in a situation like that? Also that scene gave me the feeling that we might see Ellie even kissing more characters. I don't have problem with her kissing it's just not the way to showcase main female protagonists like that.