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GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs |OT2| I have no pants and I must scream (READ OP)
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Continued hostility; Several recent infractions for same.
That's what I originally did by putting that poster on ignore temporarly then upon seeing that maybe that person had came around I tried to give the benefit of the doubt uningore her , and the lines I quoted were LITTERALY the very first thing I saw ... I've said it here more than once I'm an INTERSEX dude and although in english I be using They/Them here in French in my regular life I can't that is depressing and fucked , and fucks with my brain and makes me depressed engouh as it is , it is soul crushingly a privilege I can't enjoy at all . So doing so in english spaces would further down my mental distress and depression . So muting that person for the upcoming trimester is literally me protecting myself . I hope that upon reading me further that person starts ALSO to understand that sexism doesn't only render men nasty but women too and this was a prime example here ... Is it tiring to always have to be the better person ? You bet it is and as intersex I know it all too well ... So it would be cool to not have idiots reducing me as "a guy" , when I spend my time when I'm here every three message reminding folk that I'm neither male nor female because in reality I'm both ... Now I shall take my functional and currently lactating tits out of here because muting wasn't enough given that if you intervened as a moderator is that this person keeps yappin at me ...