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GamingThread Planning to start playing all main Pokemon games, Help!
Reason User banned (72 hours): Advocating piracy.
So I never played any of the Pokemon games I always wanted to but never got to it. Now I am planning to buy Switch when Sword and Shield come out but I decided to go through the whole series before playing SnS. Here the order I am planning to play them: 1. Pokemon Fire Red (remake of gen 1) 2. Pokemon Soul Silver (remake of gen 2) 3. Pokemon OR / AS ( remake of gen 3) 4. Pokemon Platinum (gen 4) 5. Pokemon B/W and B2/W2 (gen 5) 6. Pokemon X&Y (gen 6) 7. Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon (gen 7) 8. Pokemon Sword and Shield (gen 8) As I said I am new to Pokemon the above order could be wrong so please correct me. I did some research and here are my options: 1. Emulation on phone (My Boy). This option have all the classic games until DS and it's free but control are naturally uncomfortable, drain my phone battery and I can't transfer my Pokemon between gens. 2. Buy 2DS xl then buy all the games through VC. It has all the classics except for HG/SS. But this option will be expensive but I got to play the games with their native controls and the ability to transfer my Pokemon. 3. Buy Switch and hope for the best! Currently there is no classic Pokemon games and we don't know when or if Nintendo gonna port the games like the 3Ds. So this is the delimma I am facing and I would like to hear your opinions on this