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GamingThread [SPOILERS] Devil May Cry 5 for PS4 is (Slightly) more censored than on Xbox One and PC, but only in the West
Red Text This thread was rebooted due to a number of issues, so we're setting some ground rules.
As of recent times Sony stoked a fair bit of controversey by applying “light rays” to select Japanese visual novel titles. It soon became apparent that this was a forward policy and would reflect upon future titles. Smaller Devs expressed dismay at working with the new guidlines and a Twitter “backlash” against Sony was formed. I believe devil may cry 5 containing censorship, enclosed within a patch is the first example of this policy applying itself to the aaa console space. The game remain uncensored on pc and Xbox and it seems at current the patch is only designed at the western ps4 release. Below is nsfw and spoilers Whilst I remain impartial to the topic I’m curious how it will affect future titles such as cyberpunk. How do we all feel ? Are you fully in support of Sony’s stringent new policy’s, or are you against them.