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EtcetEraThread Steven Spielberg to convince the Academy Awards to not nominate Netflix and other movies that debut in digital services.
Reason User warned: Unnecessary hostility
That's fucking ridiculous! That's OFFENSIVELY ridiculous! If HE doesn't think it's a good movie, then to HIM it's not a good movie. Just because you think it's good, and just because most people think it's good, that does not make it OBJECTIVELY GOOD! And it does not give you the fucking right to tell him he's "wrong" about his OPINION! I'm so fucking sick and tired of assholes who think that quality is objective! QUALITY IS NOT OBJECTIVE! IT NEVER HAS BEEN AND IT NEVER WILL BE! A movie is not objectively good or bad, a book is not objectively good or bad, a song is not objectively good or bad, NOTHING is OBJECTIVELY good or bad! And that is not an opinion. That is an objective fact! And people like you who think otherwise need to learn the fucking difference between opinions and facts. An opinion is an opinion. A fact is a fact. NEVER can an opinion, NO MATTER how widely held, be thought of as OBJECTIVE FACT! Go fuck yourself, ya arrogant asshole!