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GamingThread [Eurogamer] Resident Evil HD, 0 and 4 on Nintendo Switch cost £30/$30 each, asking for comment from capcom on upcharge (Currently no new features)
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Off-Topic System Warring
I just always keep feeling like Nintendo ushered in the awful future that Xbox One got the massive backlash for. Switch has introduced: 1. Much more expensive games. 2. Mandatory online downloads that require an internet connection along with proper storage that for some games the default storage amount would not be enough. 3. A fearful digital only future even with physical carts. How long will these extra game downloads be available for? One day will I not be able to download the game content that’s not on the cartridge for a game and my cart becomes whatever it is as a coaster equivalent? A coaster for ants? No ability to trade games properly or sell them at a normal price since half the content is gone (ala this RE set). 3. Limited options on backing up saves and controlling your content. With paid online saves being the only option. 4. A totally seperate online community via app only. Totally divorcing communication from in game on console to seperate and segregated. All this on an online service that is simply not up to 2019 going on 2020 standards. 5. A storefront that is being avalanched with questionable quality content such as mobile game shovelware or even decent mobile games from 5-6 years ago at 3x the price it even launched at years ago. 6. Barebones functionality all around with YouTube taking almost 2 years to arrive. The absence of giants like Netflix and Amazon Video is simply baffling. While the limited ability to do anything overall is easily felt. So not only did the Switch bring parts of that draconian system Microsoft wanted into gaming. But they also did it by offering overall awful system level services like online and media. 2017 was an amazing year with the Switch. Lots of potential and places it could go. But 2018 on has been abysmal for me and it is all those things I listed that have added up and gotten worse that just makes me sit around and wait for the next real good Nintendo game.