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"Why are we allowing them to walk free and safe? This is a fucking war."

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GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs |OT2| I have no pants and I must scream (READ OP)
Reason User banned (duration pending) sexist trolling, account in junior phase
Complaining about sexualized isn't helpful and is pretty close to screaming into the void (or preaching to the choir, depending on where you are). Straight men have always been attracted to sexy straight women, and straight women have always been attracted to sexy straight men, and sexy everything has been attracted to sexy anything (LGBQ and the rest). There's nothing wrong with any of that. The earliest art pieces in history feature rather voluptuous female figures - . Again, there's nothing wrong with that. People are attracted to whatever they're attracted to, and you can't stop that from happening unless you want to go full 1984. If you want to attack sexy character designs, you'll also have to attack:The list goes on and on. Dick jiggle physics were featured on . Also, it's a big disingenuous to say that the only sexualized men are the ones with dick physics. There are countless male characters who feature everything from rippling abs (countless) to Sexualization affects both sexes, not just women. People enjoy what they enjoy - that's literally how entertainment works. Videogames are an entertainment medium like any other. Who are you to say that people aren't allowed to enjoy X or Y? Surely they have the right to enjoy what you don't enjoy? As an example, I strongly support LGBQ rights, and have numerous close friends who are either gay or trans. However, having attended multiple gay pride parades, I strongly think that dressing up as sexual costumes in said parades damages the Gay Pride movement in general. Anti-LGBQ ideology views gay men as sexual deviants (which is quite incorrect), but dressing up as sexual deviants to shove it to the homophobes.... I don't think it solves anything. Even so, if gay men find dressing as as such enjoyable for themselves and others... who am I to judge? Anti-gay ideology is falling over time, and I'm happy about that. There are plenty of strong female characters in games. How they dress has no effect on how they play or what their personalities are. Just off the top of my head - Bayonetta, Siege, Automata - they feature both sexy and strong women. After all this - the core of your arguments regarding feminism in gaming - do you think "sexism" in videogames affects sexism IRL? If yes... I think Jack Thompson would like a word with you. If no, then why does it matter?