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GamingThread [Zero Crediblity Rumor] Bully 2 Might Be Revealed In August-September
Reason Thread Making Privileges Suspended: History of making low quality threads.
My source isn't credible enough but he did predict Rockstar Games' Red Dead Online update announcement correctly. He said in a conversation with me that Bully 2 is in development and Rockstar, being unhappy with Red Dead Online and the general feedback from the players, wanted to reveal Bully 2 very early. Bully 2 might be revealed in August or September. Also, this article. Take this with like, you know, 5 tonnes of salt. Headline says "confirmed", article says "rumor". Don't know what kind of a conspiracy that is. However, has some minor connections. What do you guys think? Will R* tease Bully 2 so early? Or is the Internet doing its job?