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GamingThread THQ Nordic holding an AMA on... 8chan (Head of PR & Marketing + Senior Management involved. CEO refuses to comment.)
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Inflammatory false equivalences, trolling
I would like to say that I can think of worse companies to be upset with. like the big banks and textile companies also sugar companies ect. that benefited greatly off of chattel slavery. where babies were used as alligator bait and had heads cut off to be used as balls. we still buy from these companies to this day! so where is the outrage about that? where is the outrage over joe buck killing two black men at his home with no charges because he's a LGBTQ liberal donor and even now is hanging around another possible black soon to be victim? the point I am trying to make is some are way too quick to judge selectively I might add people or companies so I myself will not be boycotting THQ until people start boycotting the LGBTQ for what joe buck has done to those two black men and how they come and gentrify black and brown neighborhoods then call the police on them for any reason knowing that that could possibly be a death sentence. or boycott katy perry for her blackface shoes I could go on and on. and lastly I'm not bashing anyone but I'm just making a point that all this outrage over an AMA which I have to say the guy is an idiot for doing will make one wash their hands of a company that just a couple of days ago was the darling of the industry and could do no wrong. I hear many on era say it's a shame when mass layoffs happen but if this company folds because of this then another mass layoff will happen, which means people who had nothing to do with what happened will suffer when they are just trying to feed their families.