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"We do not allow our members to make claims or arguments not based on reality"

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GamingThread THQ Nordic holding an AMA on... 8chan (Damage control in progress: "I am not a white supremacist")
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Dismissing Concerns Surrounding Hate and Harassment
50 pages, come on, I think this is a massive overreaction, guys. I understand that 8chan is a shithole and this was the stupidest idea ever, but these are still people with a limited perspective of what's going on in the gaming community and on the internet. It is the job of the PR and Marketing Director to prevent these kinds of disasters, so I think it is appropriate to fire him, but I don't think Pollice should be fired because of his participation. Doing AMAs isn't why he was hired, and he was only answering questions in relation to actual development and M&A. Of course they need to focus on damage control now, and not make stupid mistakes like these in the future, but I think it's very childish to boycott a company because of the decision of one person within a company of literally a thousand people. If that one person wasn't there, they wouldn't have had this disaster, so if they'll fire him, they have done everything they can do about this situation, and can't do anything but try to prevent it in the future. A boycott doesn't help if it isn't to change a strategical point of view, such as certain monetisation methods, developing multiple games exclusively for certain platforms, etc. This was the decision of just one guy. If he's gone from the company, what is your boycott even useful for? edit: I originally said "but I can't really blame Reinhard Pollice for his participation." I've edited this, because obviously we can. I don't think he should be fired over it tho.