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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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Gaming HangoutsThread Epic Seven (Mobile/Mobage) |OT| 1.25% better than Dragalia Lost's Rates!
Reason User warned: sexist condescension, attempting to shut down criticism of sexism
Oh ultimately I would have preferred for you to just not say anything, yes, if that's what you so wish to hear. "Luna is gross I don't care for her so this whole patch is underwhelming" really adds nothing to the table in the end, and this is certainly not some constructive criticism that will help the devs make a better game. Let's just say that it was really not giving me the example of how it all came from someone loving the game and wishing to make it progress... You could have been voicing your concerns over an event you feared might lean too much on the dorky side of the anime sphere, with the all too stereotypical and used up harem cliché, and I could actually have been agreeing with you on that point. Arguing that, at least, they were testing some new things and formats instead of relying on the same structure over and over again. And that the rewards seemed good, at least.