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GamingThread Shawn Layden blames publishers and developers for lack of PlayStation crossplay (Up: Wargroove dev Chucklefish responds in thread - "We were told no")
Reason User Warned: Inappropriate analogy
Or, you know, leave the thread since you're the one that doesn't care. Believing a studio when it has no reason whatsoever to lie (and can face serious repercussions if they do) is not the same as believing a corporation when it has every reason to lie. Also known as the reason normal people don't say "she's probably lying" to abuse victims. If you don't care, the fuck are you doing here? Terms like "bitching" and "if they give a shit" prove without a shadow of a doubt who precisely do you care for. What are you exactly asking for here, screenshots of the actual correspondence between the studios and Sony? So convenient that you won't be swayed by anything short of confidentiality-breaching.