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GamingThread Shawn Layden blames publishers and developers for lack of PlayStation crossplay (Up: Wargroove dev Chucklefish responds in thread - "We were told no")
Reason User warned: Console warring
What facts do I need to get straight? Also, you don't know me like that to be callin me brotha. I almost feel offended.Maybe. It's possible. They did say it should be out of beta this year.It's a gate for Xbox/Switch, but not others. Fact is, it is officially in beta. That can change.While that can be true as a reason, it is still in beta.If the Xbox fans can believe everything that Phil Spencer has said, then I have no problem in believing this is in beta since that is what they stated.I'm a Sony fan, not shill. Not making excuses, just stating that "to be fair, crossplay is in beta"