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GamingThread What are you top 5 favorite action games of all time?
Red Text Post your reasons why your top 5 is your top 5. Don't make this a list thread.
You can post any order you want if you don't want to rack your brain too much. But with DMC5 looking fantastic and coming out soon I'm reminded that there aren't really that many games in the genre. Which kind of sucks since it's my favorite type of game to play. Devil May Cry 3 Ninja Gaiden Black God Hand Viewitful Joe God of War 2 Bayonetta 1 Devil May Cry 4 God of War 3 DmC: Devil May Cry Ninja Gaiden 2 *not in any specific order* PS: I don't really consider From Software games 'action' games. But if I did, Bloodborne would be up there as well. What say you? PS: I've never played KH2 on Critical Mode. But I hear it's actually pretty fun.